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Our Design Process

Save Time and Money with Our Simple and Efficient Design and Construction Process

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We understand that even a simple remodeling job can be overwhelming for homeowners. Whether you are an experienced handyman or not, a home makeover can quickly turn into a nightmare without a good and dedicated contractor.

Prevent that by hiring us as your professionals for all types of renovations. Here at Greg Home Improvement Inc., our process is simple and efficient:

Step 1 – Fill out Our Form, and Get an In-Home Consult

. We can also set up a Phone Consult if you wish and explain our three

Step 2 – Sign our Contract

We pride ourselves on our transparent design process and pricing structure. We will create and present a contract that contains:

We understand that your needs and concerns may change before the contract is ready. We will be more than willing to adjust terms as realistically as possible.

Step 3 – We Get to Work!

Once you have signed the work contract, Greg and the team will be there on the designated date to start your project. Rest assured that our workers will prioritize your family’s safety and home during the entire project.

At Greg Home Improvement, our goal is to ensure our clients have no issues to bring to our attention before, during, and after each job. We will not move ahead with anything without your express approval. We will keep you updated on the stages we work on, including any issues that may pop up.

Step 4 – Cleanup

Our crew ensures that cleanup is a thorough process.

Once the job is complete, we will clear away debris, leftover materials, dust and restore the indoor air quality of the renovated space. A DIY cleanup job will not clear the newly made space of allergens and dust that can otherwise cause respiratory issues.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your Space!

After our walkthrough and cleanup, you can move into your home or enjoy the newly renovated areas.

Renovations don’t have to be a hassle.

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